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DJ Zeph - Batidas Latinas EP 2
12" Vinyl
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DJ Zeph

Batidas Latinas EP 2

Breakin Bread

Released: 7th June 2010 | 7 track album
After the success of DJ Zephs Batidas Latinas mix CD released last summer, Breakin Bread were inundated with queries about how to get unmixed versions of the tracks that Zeph had composed. These two EP's are the result of all that attention. Special DJ Edits of 13 of the most popular and dancefloor friendly tracks. Latin samples, hip hop beats, vocals from some of the best loved rap lyricists from recent years. What more could you want? The perfect sounds for the summer! This is sure to become the soundtrack to many a barbecue and festival. Cali based producer and b-boy DJ Zeph has found the perfect blends but this isn't straight mash up business. More like making new art from recycled materials. He seamlessly matches traditional latin with hip hop beats both old and new giving a whole new twist and vibe to the older tracks. He also throws in some of the new latin made by people like Quantic, Antibalas and Breakin Breads very own Color Climax. Classic rhymes from the likes of KRS One, Too Short, Lauren Hill, Jay Z and Missy Elliot blend with latin stalwarts including Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon and Sergio Mendes. Zeph's compositions take you on a ride thru beats, rhymes, rhythms and pure flavour. Latin songs are dropped over hop hop beats, raps are dropped over latin numbers. Watch out for the vocal drops that only a hip hop DJ with a proper feel for the clubs could come up with. All tempos and styles are covered on these EP's. There's some traditional latin styles next to some heavy drums action some deeper tropical percussion sounds next to some guaranteed floor filling disco action, as well as giving the b-boys some action with perfect breaks for the circle.