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Virgil Howe & Malcolm Catto - B-boy Bounce
7" Vinyl
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Virgil Howe & Malcolm Catto

B-boy Bounce

Breakin Bread

Released: 29th November 2010 | 2 track funk single

Drums! Beats, breaks, rolls, all live, no loops. Breakin Bread launch a new 7 series with Virgil Howe and Malcom Catto at the helm. Breakin Bread are launching a series of brand new tracks focusing on drums. For over 12 years the Breakin Bread crew have been DJing and playing live gigs all over the world. They are rooted in hip hop and all things related to hip hop so tracks with heavy drums and breakbeats are staples of their sets. Over the years the crew have met a lot of drummers, including some of the worlds best, and now we're ready to release a series of drums led tracks. All live, no loops, breaks for the future! The first 7' is one for the b-boys as Virgil Howe from the Killer Meters and Malcolm Catto from The Heliocentrics and Quantic Soul Orchestra join forces. Side A B-Boy Bounce This kicks off with rolling drums before heading straight into heavy breaks. Underpinned by synth keyboard noises that rise and fall the drums keep on flowing. Virgil uses all parts of his kit and the skills and prowess garnered from years of live and session work to give us a 3 and a half minutes of heaviness. Drums that will keep the b-boys in the circle and the general dancefloor moving for years to come! Side B B-Boy Space Shuffle Malcolm Catto has his own drums style. Make that styles, he can turn his hand to almost any kind of drumming. Here he uses what we call his shuffle technique to take us on a journey into space and beyond. Kicking off with percussion, the synths build as the drums step forward to take centre stage. When the break drops its fast and furious as well as highly technical. Again we're over the 3 minutes mark before you've drawn many breaths. How many drummers can keep your attention for 3 minutes with changes to their drumming happening every few bars? Not many ?? this is the sound of 2 drummers right at the top of their game on one of the only labels in the world that would even consider releasing tracks like this.