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Ill Boogs - The Rhythm Den
CD Album
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Ill Boogs

The Rhythm Den

Breakin Bread

Released: 7th March 2011 | 38 track funk album
Ill Boogs is one of the UK's top b-boys (breakdancers). He was one of the founding members of the Floor Science Crew and he went on to become a key member of the legendary Born To Rock and Sinstars Crews. But he's not just a dancer, he's been making beats for MC's since 1991. Then in 2006 he sent a track called Gypsy Rock down to the Breakin Bread HQ. We released it and it went on to become a b-boy classic and was included on a Rock Steady Crew mix CD put together by Skeme Richards called 'Bboy Essentials Vol II'. Another 7 followed in 2007 (The Grump b/w King Conga) and Boogs got props from all the best B-boy DJ's in the world (DJ Tee from Japan, DJ Woodoo from Switzerland, DJ Renegade from the UK and many more all play Ill Boogs on high rotation!) Since then Ill Boogs has been working hard on the album with the help of Disco BizKid, who features on most of the album. Now The Rhythm Den is ready to rock and its like Ill Boog's personal Ultimate Breaks & Beats. It is a culmination of years digging for break beats, listening and dancing to mix tapes from break djs all over the world. It's an eclectic mix of popular and obscure influences from James Brown to movie soundtracks and prog rock. But these are not drum loops your hearing...lazy producers better go back to the drawing board, all of this album is played live! The tracks are all instrumental funk and breaks tracks. All tempos and rhythms are covered by Boogs and his band. Being made by a b-boy the albums has a heavy leaning towards rhythm without being the same tired old break beats looped over and over. The only thing the tracks have in common is 'the break,' being a Bboy Boogs doesn't see the point in making a tune without one. The album is being released in a mix CD format divided into four chapters and mixes to represent essential milestones in the life of a B-boy. Chapter 1 is Build Your Skills, Chapter 2 Paying Dues and Chapter 3 is a Visit to Mecca (NYC). The final chapter is a B-boy breaks mix. UK B-boy DJ's Timber and Rob Etch were called in for mix duties. Now you've had the lowdown..... So..... 1, 2, 3..... lets rock!