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Kazahaya - Gonna Love You Anyway
7" Vinyl
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Gonna Love You Anyway

Breakin Bread

Released: 5th November 2012 | 2 track boom bap/nineties single

Breakin Bread drop the third single from Japanese beat maker extraordinaire Kazahaya who's been working with US MC's. Proper boom bap music on both sides, slow burning soul on one side, golden era crackliness on the flip.

A - Gonna Love You Anyway feat Tuomo

Kaza slows it down on this one and enlists the help of Finnish singer Tuomo to produce a top notch modern soul gem. Tuomo is asinger, jazz pianist, composer, lyricist and producer with numerous jazz, retro and northern albums under his belt. He hooks up with Kaza to give us a track that could have been a b-side nugget on a rare soul 45 that got lost in a strange warehouse in Delaware. But it aint, this is 2012 and this is still raw as hell.

B - Fake the Funk feat Braille

Kaza goes all Marley Marl on us with this one. Instead of Craig G we've got Braille,A Prolific artist with 6 solo records under his belt, he makes snapshot music that captures feelings and thoughts from each season of life he experiences. Here he captures that vibe that all producers and rappers are looking for...;.the funk. Check the lyrics, you'll see what we mean...;.and...;...;don't front!

Background Kazahaya hails from Tokyo, Japan and has been pushing his own brand of mash ups and mix CD's for the last few years. In 2007 he sent a demo to Breakin Bread and the resulting EP Remember Hip Hop became a bestselling hip hop release of that year. Because it was a mashup with loads of famous MC's on it Breakin Bread had to pull it from release! Since then Kaza has been getting mad props for his beats so he decided to work with some US MC's and this series of 7s is the result