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Eloq - C'mon
12" Vinyl
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Activia Benz

Released: 18th March 2013 | 6 track crunk ep

For Activia Benz's's third release, we have teamed up with the Danish beat wizard and all round very cool guy, Eloq!

Eloq's music is a lot of fun, but also serious. It makes you want to shake all your limbs in a very silly way, while also maintaining a mean look on your face. It has all the 808s and a few horns as well as lots of very fun synth work. It is trap music, we suppose. We like it very much.

Packed with five original tracks and also a remix from our very own Slugabed, this record is all round very good party music, especially if you like this sort of music.

"Great EP, Sluggy making movements"
"Really like Klonux! Makes me want to scratch over it!"
Danny Drive Thru
"this is cool! will give the first one a go tomorrow night."
Seb Chew, Rinse FM
"ANTHEMS.. Eloq is set for stardom.. that guy always makes every tune sound like it's his best one for some reason.."
Coco Bryce, Myor Records
Chrissy Murderbot