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DJ DJ Booth - Todd Edwards Falling Down the Stairs

DJ DJ Booth

Todd Edwards Falling Down the Stairs

Activia Benz

Released: 25th November 2013 | 5 track house ep

Having had a successful 2013 so far, we at Activia Benz are continuing our journey into fun party music, with our first ever House? release. It's not really house, but it's something a bit different that's for sure.

DJ DJ Booth claims his influences to consist of Todd Edwards and The Neptunes. That's it. We don't believe him. Partly because we know him and know that he definitely likes a lot of different music. He's just trying to be quirky.

However, his claims seem quite convincing when listening to his debut EP Todd Edwards Falling Down The Stairs. The EP starts off in the realms of straight up bangin' old school house / garage with Ur Wastin My Time. Chopped vocals and a stinky bassline make for an instant club hit. From there on in the EP gradually gets less predictable, with Sknbyfmymnrrwdy and Ch Ch Blaow both taking you on weird journeys across the dancefloor, interspersed with threats from Big Pun and gunshots respectively. Heaven rounds things off with a softer edge and a helluva grooove.

London based A.G. Cook has provided a remix for Heaven that is genuinely quite bizarre, speeding up the whole track and adding some truly ingenious vocals (125BPM, plus twenty percent, heaven at Gmail, sent). At first it's like WTF but it becomes very infectious very quickly and all of a sudden it's like OMG.

"9/10 This is wicked ep! Feeling the different styles! More like todd edwards falling down the stairs than Todd edwards :) I like!"
"8/10 fresh take on old 2-step funky stuff - really vibing with heaven !!"
Obey City
"7/10 Bonkers but delightful!"
"10/10 i love that release! best shit around. gimme that now)"