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Toby Gale - The Good of the Night

Toby Gale

The Good of the Night

Activia Benz

Released: 10th November 2014 | 6 track downtempo ep

Toby Gale is a young and cool producer coming straight outta London town. I was friends with him in primary school and we used to play Music2000 on Playstation together. His The Good Of The Night EP has a dreamy feel. It's a bit like when you ride the horse around at night time on Ocarina of Time and there's no one around and you feel very blissful. But it's more groovy than the Zelda music I just mean the vibe, ya know. It's like if there was a Golden Saucer bit from FFVII on a Zelda game. Imagine Link on a Chocobo. I hate writing press releases.

Very cool producer man and PC Music affiliate, Maxo jumps on board for a slick jazzy take on 3 Up. I have trouble nodding my head to it because it's very clever, rhythmically.