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Sega Bodega - Sportswear

Sega Bodega


Activia Benz

Released: 9th October 2015 | 5 track laptronica ep

Sega Bodega is that kind of softly spoken, tracksuit wearing, always-gives-you-a-hug type of guy who you might consider to be a bit special if you met him on the street. Well, you'd be right! He is special! His music is cinematic and emotionally weighty, but also it can, like, really go hard. I play it in the clubs and ppl cri evrytiem. Activia Benz have been trying to secure an EP from him pretty much since our birth in 2012, and finally the time is upon us.

Sportswear is a perfect example of how modern club music needn't be easily defined or recognisable as a particular style or tempo or genre, but instead it can just be exciting, emotional, innovative and most of all really fucking good music, and people just get it, because it is really fucking good.

Imagine a Jan Hammer B2B Ennio Morricone DJ set at a Harlem Ballroom circa 1992, or something, I dunno. Smh. Press releases.

Sportswear drops on 12/10/15 on Activia Benz on Digital and Tracksuit formats. Trackie comes with bonus track(ie), Champion.

"At once fresh and nostalgic!"
"EP has a particularly cinematic quality. Ebbing and flowing over its course, it ensured you were as as involved in the journey as its creator was"
"Sega takes it to the next level with his own unique spin on tracks using foley recordings that align perfectly with utopian chord progression and an underlying darkness"
Red Bull Music Academy
"Fantastic. Supporting :) x"
Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC Radio 6Music
Simon Whybray, Jack / NTS
"Full support! I wish I was putting this out! LOL"
Ryan Hemsworth, Secret Songs / etc
"im in awe of this muhfucka, i swear 2 god"
DJ Overcrush, PASH FM
"Let's talk about scheduling!"
Karen, Sega's Manager