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Slugabed - Coolest



Activia Benz

Released: 7th July 2014 | 6 track leftfield/idm ep

We're delighted to present Slugabed's Coolest EP. It's his first proper release for a while, and its a really nice one. Despite being some of his most delicate work to date, it is also potentially some of his most dance friendly. The EP has taken a more subtle approach, focusing on songwriting and atmosphere, all the while keeping a super sweet wikid nice groove. Mixing influences from old electro / 808 music with the beauty of stuff like Toro Y Moi or something, i don't know. Imagine Vashti Bunyan meets Egyptian Lover for cocktails. It also has some bangers on it, i guess. T-Pain and Roger Sanchez crop up a bit in there too. I actually am Slugabed and am trying to write this press release in the third person but i'm struggling a bit. I'm proud of this EP, and would love you to hear it. It's got really nice (technoey?) Lockah remix on it too. Listen to it in your garden if you have one, or otherwise go to the park, maybe.

Most importantly, this release will drop for free on July 7th, but you can immediately purchase a very cool super limited Coolest Beach Towel (yes, a beach towel!) with a download link for the EP on it, so you get the music way before the release date. Then you can use the towel to dry yourself after a swim or you could lie on it some place, or both.

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"luv this"
Ryan Hemsworth, wedidit
"THANK U G i keep playing the another chance 2K14 every time, i played it in front of todd edwards two weeks ago and I think he liked it haha"
DJ Slow, Rinse FM, Pelican Fly
"hey man i fucking love this!!"
"Actually love it. Thanks"
adam saville, dj mag
"into this :))"
allen wooton
"really liking this! Good production and good choice of remix, will def fit this into our sets"
sir nenis, top billin music
"Sluga!! Killing it as usual, been anticipating this release heavily and it does not disappoint"
chris p cuts, NTS radio
"Cool breeeze"
danny breaks
jon1st, DMC Champion
"Slugabed fresh as always not jumping on any bandwagons, respect! 10/10"