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Various Artists - Activia Frenz Vol. 1

Various Artists

Activia Frenz Vol. 1

Activia Benz

Released: 17th March 2014 | 12 track glitch hop album

Activia Frenz Vol. 1 is the first in a series of compilations from the yung record label / beer drinking collective Activia Benz (and their Frenz). It brings together some of the original Activia dons from previous releases such as Eloq, Taste Tester, Slugabed and Deech and stirs in some fresh meat in the form of Silkersoft, DZA, DJ Warlord and more! It's a real journey. From the bangers to the clangers it has it all. It's got rap style club things and one-take analogue techno. It's got Rewrote doing a grime! It's got 4bidden with some deep space R'n'B or something. It's really nice and we like it and it's a lil signal of some things soon to come from Activia Benz so stayed tuned, gang!

Busy P, Ed Banger