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Nick Thayer Vs Will Styles - Yeah Bwoy
12" Vinyl
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Nick Thayer Vs Will Styles

Yeah Bwoy


Released: 8th February 2010 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep
A new decade arrives and Bombstrikes continues to be the best friend of Djs worldwide with their much-lauded party starting output. For this release the label welcomes back the Australian Duo of Nick Thayer and Will Styles. Whenever these two get themselves into a studio together it seems they can do no wrong and this EP of Dancefloor bombs pays testament to that. With the highest of production values it's not hard to see why they are seen as leaders of the 'Nu Funk' scene. First up on the A side is the huge 'Yeah Bwoy!'. Its got Hip Hop flavours with added Funk Spice, rocking beats and a synth hook that just doesn't let go..this is a Dancelfoor thoroughbred that will go down as a classic Bombstrikes release! Over on the flip 'Everybody Ready' is a lesson in how to make a monstrous groove whilst keeping the funk. When the horns come in, get ready for the reactions! As if that wasn't enough there is also 'Flat Top' a bonus track taking a classic riff and turning it into a little slice of DJ friendly heaven. You need this release!
"Amazing! Straight in the crate!"
DJ Yoda