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Mooqee & Pimpsoul - bombstrikes vol.20
12" Vinyl
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Mooqee & Pimpsoul

bombstrikes vol.20


Released: 22nd November 2010 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep
Bombstrikes delivers what will be the last release of the much-loved Volume series and boy does it deliver on this one! (Don't worry this is not the end of Bombstrikes just the volume series!) The label has become a best friend to Djs worldwide through maintaining unbelievably high standards of production and dancefloor impact with each release and this is no exception to that ethos. Volume 20 sees the teaming up of one the label's originators with one of their newest stars, as Mooqee & Pimpsoul combine to devastating effect. With that kind of pedigree it's no surprise that all three tracks on the Ep are such solid party rockers with immense production. First up is 'KEEP POUNDING' which sees the duo get out the scalpel for some seriously clever cutting of the vocals, added to the swingiest of beats and fat synth stabs this is one track destined to be huge. This is followed up on the flip by 'LET IT POP' the electronic reworking of a hip hop monster, with some booty shaking changes to the groove along the way. Then to round things off its Disco time with 'DO IT', which reworks one of the all time guitar riffs over tough beats and analogue synths to bring a fresh take on it with subtle attention to detail, making it dancefloor gold all over again. What a way to wrap up the Volume series with three very different tracks all done with the highest quality and never taking focus off making people get down and have fun.