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Various Artists - Funk n' Beats, Vol. 3 (Mixed by Featurecast)

Various Artists

Funk n' Beats, Vol. 3 (Mixed by Featurecast)


Released: 5th May 2017 | 25 track beats & breaks album

Continuing on from the massive success of Volumes 1 & 2, who better to pick up the prestigious reigns of the Funk 'N Beats compilations series than the legendary Featurecast.
One of the few djs and producers who epitomise what putting these compilations together is about, in terms of the vibe and track selection. As expected Featurecast stamps his own style on proceedings, delivering an expertly curated selection of funk masterpieces alongside some beats classics.

The compilation is once again packed with new music, exclusives and hidden classics alongside highlights from Bombstrikes' catalog. The track listing reads like a who's who of the funky side of things with music from Featurecast himself, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Max Sedgley and Flevans. Through to the early recordings of Deadly Avenger, The Wiseguys and exclusive previously unavailable on digital format jams from Marc Hype and Tim Love Lee. Funk 'N Beats volume 3 packs some serious heat! Every single one of these tracks stands up in its own right as a release. Some you will know, some you will have forgotten about or discover for the first time. It will also fill a few gaps for the collectors out there who know their history. If you throw in to the pot a sublime Dj mix from the man himself then this makes this release a must have purchase.