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Prosper & Stabfinger - Dopeness EP

Prosper & Stabfinger

Dopeness EP


Released: 14th April 2017 | 3 track funk ep

Hot on the heels of their No.1 selling debut EP with Bombstrikes, the funk wrangling duo; Prosper & Stabfinger are back and boy have they stepped things up a level !! The title track 'Dopeness' is an exquisite slice of modern funk, fusing live bass, disco hooks and all topped off in some style by the golden age evoking rap vocals of Imagine This.
We are sure this is going to get some heavy rotation across the board.

Continuing the Funky Breaks progression, the duo deliver even more via another two tasty cuts. 'Pay For Bass' bringing in electronic elements and a laid back vocal to superb effect, whilst 'Wonderful' delivers a soul work out via deft cut ups and programming. A simply fantastic EP.