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Bazza Ranks & Imagine This - That Stuff

Bazza Ranks & Imagine This

That Stuff


Released: 9th February 2018 | 3 track glitch hop ep

Bombstrikes welcome legendary Irish producer Bazza Ranks to the label for his debut release, alongside the always on point Imagine This. The two have cooked up a tasty slice of old school and bass heavy flavoured Hip Hop. Centered around the most infectious of hooks and Imagine This' superb vocal delivery, this one will do some dancefloor damage! Not only that, the superb original is accompanied by two outstanding remixes. WBBL shows why he is fast rising to the top with crisp production and his trademark swing bass groove and The Allergies mix things up with a huge dose of Funk, which is just as you would expect from the Bristol duo.

All in all, this is one hell of a package and another essential release to kick off the year for Bombstrikes.