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Bryx - This Is It EP
Out 22nd October 2018


This Is It EP


Expected: 22nd October 2018 | 3 track glitch hop ep

Bryx is back! After a lengthy hiatus the Canadian beat smith is back with new music in the form of this amazing EP on Bombstrikes. Those who have been waiting for the Shambhala Music Festival regular to return will not be disappointed. Famed for his outlandish DJ skills, Bryx applies the same precision and quality control to his productions. Three tracks to choose from, starting with 'This Is It'. Strings meld with boom bap rhythms and intense bass to create something of a dance floor destroyer. 'Up in The Place' maintains the high quality levels, fusing hip hop with a heavy dose of Bass. Finally, on 'Heads Up' Bryx teams up with fellow Canadians Audiowrx to devastating effect! Well and truly worth the wait.