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Brandon Mitchell - Waiting for a Minute

Brandon Mitchell

Waiting for a Minute

Bopside Records

Released: 4th May 2015 | 2 track house single

Since the age of 7, when Brandon Edward Mitchell first began to take an interest in singing and erforming, the multifaceted vocalist has only expanded his creative perspective and diversified his creative output.

His highly varied experience with music, which he continues to draw from to this day, (from jazz to rock, soul, funk, classical, & electronica) has served as the foundation on which his growth as an artist has been built. Throughout his development he has continued to push the envelope, both stylistically and content wise; this is particularly true when discussing his work in Hip-Hop, which is laden with dynamic collaborations with the likes of Dabrye, Samiyam and Georgia Anne Muldrow. Drawing both on his recording experience in Hip-Hop (MC Kadence) and experimental pop music (Barefoot Sneaker Slaves) his work will only continue to evolve and grow in texture and depth.

In contrast to Mitchell's work as Kadence on Dabrye's Two/Three LP, this collaboration is an uplifting and soulful sound that's tailored for Mitchell's powerful singing. Here Mullinix's production experiments with sound-design and composition but on a foundation of domestic R&B/jazz melody and a groove that is techno and house music tradition.

Mastered by Claudio Passavanti at Sunlightsquare Studios, 2015