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Shur-i-kan - Humble Bees Project


Humble Bees Project

Ballpark Records

Released: 25th May 2009 | 15 track underground rap/hip-hop album
With two full length albums on the highly respected Freerange records, a string of acclaimed dance EPs on labels such as NRK, Urbantorque, Z Records and Om and a reputation as a heavy weight international house DJ Shur-i-kan is not best known for his work in hip-hop. However despite being a life long love of his, Shur-i-kan actually first developed his hip-hop production chops on Katch-22's front man HKB:Finn's solo album Vitalistiks (winner of MOJO urban best album) on Son Records. The history of the Humble Bees Project album is a long and twisted one, the project having been initiated five years ago and having gone through many variations. The album is predominately the fruit of that initial collaboration with HKB Finn but also introduces other talented guest UK MCs such as Ty, Lo-tek and Rawality. It is a decidedly distinctive but respectful take on hip-hop and its release also marks the birth of a new imprint BallPark Records.