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Silvermoths - Superhero



Ballpark Records

Released: 16th August 2010 | 2 track folk pop single
Wander down a certain leafy street in west London and you may be lucky enough to catch the sound of Silvermoths drifting from one of the crowded houses…. If so you'd be forgiven for thinking that somehow a small Orchestra and a Gypsy band had set up in the sitting room and were jamming with a precariously perched folk duo on the stairs. However on closer inspection what you would actually find is the duo of vocalist and multi instrumentalist Emma Churchly and song writing partner and guitarist Kaziu Gill - the nucleus of the band known as Silvermoths. Silvermoths' songs emerge from Kaziu's catchy guitar lines which are complimented by an array of instruments played by Emma. Emma's vivid lyrics weave gently through fragile and sensitive verses that in turn transform into gushing powerful choruses complete with memorable melodies. The debut single, Superhero, begins with an intimate voice reminiscing a childhood lived in a daydream world created to hide from a painful situation. As the story builds, the music sweeps into a dramatic chorus of crashing classical drums, soaring strings and dark basses, all underpinning an ethereal voice reminiscent of Liz Frazer with hints of Kate Bush. On the B side we have a version of the aforementioned Kate Bush's song 'Army Dreamers'. Recorded over a weekend in the house we are introduced to Silvermoths band members Rylan Holey (Cello) and Kate Whittaker (percussion). This ensemble version keeps close to the original but is augmented by Silvermoths distinct collage of instruments and voices, making it a version you'll keep coming back time and time again. The band are out and about in London, cramming in as many gigs as possible, recently impressing audiences at London's famous Troubadour . Check their Myspace and Facebook pages for more info.