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Shur-i-kan - Liquid Love EP


Liquid Love EP

Ballpark Records

Released: 13th May 2013 | 5 track leftfield/idm ep

Way back in 2010, I'd just completed a series of fairly successful deep house releases, I'd been touring the world DJing and generally having a great time. But I wanted to get out of the predictability of dance music for a bit and get back to my roots - writing albums. I spent a summer making a series of tracks in my studio, having a lot of fun, going mad. The problem is I tried to mash lots of different styles together and no-one in my normal musical circle quite knew what to do with it, so I sat on it.

This EP is a sub-section of tracks from that unreleased album.

This isn't what you expect from a typical Shur-i-kan release, it pulls in a lot of influences that you rarely see overtly in my work - such as Jean Michel Jarre, Talking Heads, David Lynch movies and Kraftwerk. There's guitars, vocoders and vocals! Its a bit silly, quirky but yet feels somehow distinctly Shur-i-kan in a strange way.

The thing is after all this time I'm still really attached to these tracks, I don't know if anyone else will like them, but they are music that transports you to another world and thats whats always attracted me to music in the first place. Its pure escapism. It's not cool, its not contemporary, you won't find hipsters in Berlin stroking their beards to it, or find me performing these live in an arts venue. This music is not one thing or another - its just a bit different / conflicted - basically its a bit like me!

After three years I've finally decided to bite the bullet - so I'm putting them out there on my own label Ball Park that originally I set up with my good friend Dan Jones from D'Nell but never really got round to doing anything with. I hope you too will get some pleasure from them and lose yourself for a few minutes in this submarine world I created.