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Bullion - Blue Pedro


Blue Pedro

Unknown Label

Released: 14th July 2017 | 3 track nu-disco single

From his Rivertrance remix for Model 500 on R&S to 2015's middle-eastern jig Stuck In The Muddle, Bullion has shown a consistent interest in combining ancient Celtic polyrhythms with modern production. His recent cassette for The Trilogy Tapes, All Abawd, which garnered praise from Ben UFO, contained more nods to Gaelic culture alongside a unique blend of broader world influences.

His latest 12 expands on 3 tracks from the TTT mixtape, applying a focused and groove-based approach. A-side Blue Pedro presents a joyful reel set to staccato synth rounds and a progressive backbeat. Muy Quimeda adopts a sweeter, but nonetheless driving tone; forlorn female vocals and lush harmonies swooning over an arpeggiating foot-to-the-floor swing. Spin2Glory shows a darker and heavier intention, with punchy kicks and claps bolstering FM bass hooks. A sea shanty gone overboard.

"Great Track!"
Four Tet