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12" Vinyl
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Released: 4th May 2015 | 3 track bleep ep

BNJMN comes with an entirely new and different project, BRACK.

Following a string of excellent releases for the likes of Rush Hour and Delsin, the Berlin-based British producer has launched his own imprint. Its inaugural release promises to simultaneously satisfy long-time listeners, and throw them for a loop. BRACK001 sees BNJMN venturing outside his digital domain for the first time, eschewing polished, computer-based constructions for an altogether dirtier, darker sound.

He's in raw, rare form on this 12, layering distorted samples, seething synths and coarse drum work to hypnotic effect. Nevertheless, he shows a deft hand and knack for trance-inducing grooves shine through the miasma. As with his best works, these tracks are alternately retro and forward-leaning, expansive and introspective, and completely singular.