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BNJMN - Chromed
12" Vinyl




Released: 3rd July 2015 | 4 track bleep ep

BRACK, the new imprint from UK-born Berlin-based producer BNJMN, is back in quick succession with another strong transmission from the label boss. After plunging into dirtier, darker sonic waters on the Pitchfork-tipped BRACK001, Chromed continues the descent.

While the propulsive rhythms and skilfully stacked samples remain intact, these 4 tracks are imbued with subtler elements that become more apparent with repeated listens. Drums don't just bang, they scrape, stab and shudder, and the typically mesmeric synth-lines are swathed in analogue hiss and seething low-end. Idiosyncratic aural details have always been a specialty of the young producer, but here they rise to the fore. The rapidly flourishing sound world that is BRACK comes more into focus, and it appears it is even more intricate and musically rich than on first glance.