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Tekla Mrozowicka & Marcin Cichy - Prominences
CD Album
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Tekla Mrozowicka & Marcin Cichy



Released: 13th November 2015 | 4 track ambient album

Music by Tekla Mrozowicka & Marcin Cichy

Tekla Mrozowicka - Twice Removed Records / Unknown Tone Records / Baruda Records

Marcin Cichy - member of Skalpel / Ninja Tune / PlugAudio Records / PlugAudio Mastering

Prominences can last for many months just like unrealized love opens up a core of unstable emotions, left beyond the edge of the Sun, alternating between peaceful rides during the solar eclipse and strong spectral lines in its emission spectrum.
like the northern winds, prominences blow its solar spell straight inside of your chest. Delicate resonating textures surround you, light piano massages your brain, bells are whispering the secrets, keeping concept parts of its mystery.