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G D Luxxe - Airforce One
12" Vinyl
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G D Luxxe

Airforce One


Released: 1st January 1999 | 3 track electropop single
G.D. Luxxe is one Gerhard Potuznik from the city of Vienna. He has been releasing records for over ten years, recently working with Pulsinger and Tunakan on Cheap Records, and also producing Chicks On Speed and performing live with his band Die Mause. This single is a taster from his forthcoming Breakin' album and features two remixes from DMX krew. Breakin' doesn't just release electro. Gerhard Potuznik likes New Order.'
"A tasty retro club spanker that's more fun than an eighties reunion get-yer-pension-and-run stadium tour. Crap haircut optional."
Jonas Stone, Jockey Slut