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Computor Rockers - Tech-No-Rock
12" Vinyl
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Computor Rockers



Released: 8th March 2004 | 4 track electropop ep

Announcing the new single from Ed DMX alias Computor Rockers: This record is about as old school as you can get - analogue synth bass over crisp LinnDrum beats with a tight vocoder rap enticing you onto the dancefloor. Add some dirty handclaps and a few funky keyboard licks and that about wraps it up for 5 minutes of funk, Computor Rock style. It's one for the old-school B-boys & girls, lockers & poppers, in the tradition of classic vocoder jamms from Grandmaster Flash's Scorpio to Jonzun Crew's Space Is The Place, with no concessions to the new jacks colonizing the electro scene these daze.

"This is one of the most minimal electro tracks you?ll have heard from the Breakin stables and although the vocal fills it out and gives it an identity, you?re wishing that there was a slight bit more to the musical content. Yet it?s always that good old dancefloor road-test that speaks the loudest and at 6am in a Sunday backroom, you will find it takes on a new identity and the tightness of the track becomes more apparent. Not the best from Breakin but certainly not one to pass up either. 6 out of 8."