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Afropolice - Break A Code
CD Album
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2 x 12" Vinyl
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Break A Code


Released: 26th April 2004 | 10 track electropop album
AFROPOLICE are our latest signing all the way from Tokyo and we are very pleased to present this double 12² and CD, their first release outside of Japan. Their sound is a mixture of funky Detroit techno and electro with a very deep and dark but danceable feel. In another universe, Mad Mike, Drexciya and Carl Craig grew up in Japan and this is the music they made. AFROPOLICE are two guys from the party crew Oxygen Funk which began in '95. The unit was formed in '97 by VANAO who produces and programs all the tracks and YOTA who contributes his beautiful voice, afro hairstyle and fantastic personality. AFROPOLICE began playing as a live act in '98 and regularly appear at Oxygen Funk parties, as well as at lots of other events. Their mysterious presence seems to stimulate clubbers¹ minds. After a long wait AFROPOLICE finally recorded their first track 'Funky Stungun' on the Oxygen Funk album 'BASEMENT REALITY' in '99. At the end of '99, YOTA performed on the animation remix album called 'Cowboy Be-Bop' appearing alongside names such as LUKE VIBERT and DMX KREW. Meanwhile VANAO joined and recorded for COD HEAD. DANCE OR ARRESTED! Radio 1 plays on Mary Anne Hobbs Breezeblock show!!!'
"??absolutely stormin ?This very Detroitian Japs have got it nailed with these tracks. Powerfull, energetic motoring beats and splendid analogue synthidge 9/10?"