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Cylob - Spider Report
12" Vinyl
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Spider Report


Released: 31st May 2004 | 6 track minimal/glitch ep

Ccreated entirely using the Cylob Music System software which Chris Jeffs has spent several years writing, this EP features 5 tracks of frenetic and melodic yet off-key electro-based experimental digital dance music (or you can call it Braindance if you want) plus one tear-jerking ballad in the form of Unrequited. Cylob was one of the first non-Cornish artists to release on Aphex Twin's legendary Rephlex label, and we are very proud that he has chosen Breakin' for his only release not on that label. He has released many EPs and albums on Rephlex including the first ever computer-voiced rap record Rewind which was heavily rotated on MTV Europe and Viva, and the unforgettably catchy hit Cut The Midrange. He's also remixed Aphex Twin for WARP, DMX Krew for Rephlex, as well as Soulwax AKA 2 Many DJs and others.