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T-Roy - Bo Bo


Bo Bo

Broadcite Productions

Released: 27th September 2010 | 6 track progressive/tribal house ep
A track taken from the forth coming T-Roy concept album 'Bush meat' BO BO features top afro beat songstress Wunmi. Best known for her works with masters at work / bugs in the attic + so many more top afro beat acts. Bobo loose translation ...Hey Man, Hey Guy! Lyrics are combination of catchy Yoruba hooks and pigeon English ... It is about a girl who figured out how to tell a guy who she liked that she was not ready... Are you hearing me BoBo. when I say I no go I no go, are you hearing me BoBo when I say I no do I no do. Check out the hot new Video on 'youtube'. Link here: Shot in Accra[Ghana] Wunmi is a one-off, an artist that effortlessly joins the dots between Nigeria's Afro beat heritage, New York's house pedigree and London's jazz, broken beat and classic street soul sounds. She now has under her belt 10 years of classic collaborations working with production heavyweights like Masters At Work, Osunlade, bugz in the attic ,Truby Trio and the legendary Roy Ayers saw an impromptu performance and recognized her unique and authentic fire. electronica while Wunmi defies gravity and expectations of what African Music can be. Ghana born Londoner T-Roy T-Roy has a large list of collaborations and commercial releases under his belt. This colaboration brings a fusion of contemporary African groove and post-modern electronic frequency, the cultural sounds clash to form a harmonic and rhythmic blend, connecting tradition with technology. Also included are remixes by: Local Instruments - a four man DJ / Production imprint based in South Africa. DJ /producer Eddie Ed (dj edyed) of the famous after work Naked Lunch Share Libations from 2000 to 2003, based in New York City. Aero manyelo – Another dj producer based in South Africa with a heavy weight selection of dance floor releases under his belt. DJ Comments / feedback : ......................... Ghana djs collective - I wan chop bush meat o!!!! DJ Dre - Excellent video & I'm loving seeing more of Africa making music for the world to see & dance too :) IG Culture - Loving it Troy :-D Red rack em - Great track ive got this on rotation at the club.. x3Dre - blinding!! beautiful, brilliantly colourful!!! big ups!! BRUQBEATS Broadcite ...YOU MASH IT UP EVERYTIME!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE ! Zulu Rose - Swear down, Wunmi can do no wrong. Love this video + song! MindEyeStuff - Tuneeeeeee!! Patric forge - Nice and deeep bruk beats with an afro twist. Great work. DJ playlist rotation: ....................... Phil Asher – insiration information DJ Eric Soul - Afro groove / Wahala /sky tv DJ Red rack em DJ MA1 -Rinse FM Simon Harrison- basic soul radio Marcia carr - lady bugz DJ ABle - Rinse FM Dj Joel S - Unknown FM DJ panther - Unkown Fm paul - Solar radio Kev Beadle - Solar radio DJ Edu - [bbc 1xtra] IG Culture - CoOp Afronaught - [Bugz in the attic] Daz I q - [Buz in the attic] Sy sez - [Colour ful radio] - Zephrin saint - [Tribe records] Matt LS - Tribe records Mike Stukes - Mystic vibes radio [USA] DJ loks - [Atlanta]