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Bruk Boogie Kru - Freakin (feat. The Layders)
12" Vinyl
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Bruk Boogie Kru

Freakin (feat. The Layders)

Broadcite Productions

Released: 31st March 2014 | 2 track deep house single

After a fantastic year in 2013 Broadcite music fam spark the new year with some fresh sounds to open up the new season in 2014.

We are happy to present the next part of the BBK journey release series. Next stop is South Africa. A connection established from their base in Lausanne [Switzerland] the BBK guys Ruben Estevez and Perler have now completed 2 tours of South Africa, touching base with some great artists along their route including fantastic producer Scott Ross and sensational vocalist Ckenz Voca [The Layders].

Freakin was originally written and produced by Scott Ross and has had a 2013 BBK makeover, Taking the track to another level with some choppy beats and gorgeous instrumentation, also on the buttons for this project is Alex Attias [Freedom sounds] connecting with Ripperton to provide a feakin sexy, groovy dance floor killer remix.

Both great versions bringing their more urban underground edge to the music whilst demonstrating the ability to fuse with the beautifully fragile vocal melodies.

Enjoy the new single from the Bruk boogie kru.

"Alex Attias/Ripperton remix is perfect peek of the party track!"
Soul Hunter, Dirty Corner
"Class track and it's great to see Alex Attias back"
Simon Harrison, Basic Soul radio
"Difficult to choose a favourite here.. I'll be playing them both.."
Andy G, FM Radio
"Dope! Lovin the organic vibe on original + Alex's mix is blazin!"
Hiro, BagPak records
"Dope Attias remix!! Biggup BBKru!"
MoonStar, PTR - Canada
"Smashing it!"
DJ Harv, Point blank radio
"Full support as always. Thanks Broadcite!"
Jamesey, Makin Moves / FM
"Love the original mix and will support this for sure."
Aluku Rebels, UK
"Love the Layders & BBK! HEAVY mix from Alex Attias & Ripperton"
Jonny Miller, Southport Weekender
"Liking the Alex Attias remix, its rolling!"
Lynda Phoenix, DJ