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Lazer Kru Music

Firecracker EP

Broadcite Productions

Released: 10th May 2010 | 4 track broken beat ep
Lazer Kru hit hard with the debut EP The headline track 'Firecracker' Manwell delivers the sweet vocal that embraces pain in the form of love. This track has made the dance floor rock at the renowned Broadcite basement sessions and recieved much support from radio and underground club djs. Track 2 - 'Linear' Produced by the trio known as Insomniax featuring Semera Owusututu, dare you to fly too the destination you should be aiming for. Here comes an airborne tale of finding your true direction and purpose in life, Finding your own true direction is the message that resonates within the track Linear. Track 3 -The Loss of Life (Original Version) Produced by heavy weight New yorker Yellowtail & Cartel3i featuring vocalist Noreen Stewart. The story of relationship demise is all too common, but here with have the same re-occurring theme but with a twist. Forgiveness, clarity, strength are just some of the positive messages flowing through this tune. Track 4 - Funk-Thang Remix Remixed by dubstep / broken beat producer / dj Mr Jonny Miller Featuring Andrea Clarke. Jonny Miller brings forth a raw injection of soul juice into this track. Andrea Clarke (BB Boogie) delivers the Funk Thang a tale of bonding and jazz dancing, as re-discovered within the U.K. Broken Beats Jazz scene. This Debut EP has been supported by premiership djs and taste makers world wide including: Kev Beadle - sonar radio / BBar Simbad Red Rackem Nu wave radio - 4HERO Benji B - BBC 1 xtra Simon Harrison - Basic soul radio Moon starr - PTR canada Fusionova radio - greece UK Vibe Play FM Global Soulja - BBE Mystic vibes radio - USA + More ... make your own mind up and Enjoy !!