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Lulu Fall

Its Official EP

Broadcite Productions

Released: 4th July 2011 | 5 track house ep
Broadcite are excited to present the fresh vocal debut of LULU FALL! Ludgarde Lulu Fall is a singer, songwriter and thespian currently based in Washington, DC. Lulu, a classically trained jazz vocalist with a musical Theatre background, Lulu is one complete and unexpected package. As a product of Senegalese and Cameroonian parentage, her music reflects her global perspective. Her sound experiments with various musical genres in order to carve out a unique musical identity that is poignant in any setting. Her ultimate goal is quite simply to create a framework that not only represents her double consciousness as an African and American and but also reflects her love for jazz, electronic, folk, rock and soul. This debut EP includes two fantastic remixes by Daz I que [Bugz in the attic] & deep house technician’s Mono phunk. Some thing bursting with soul and real emotion in the words. ‘’Its Official’’ the Debut by LULU FALL DJ Support & playlists: Choice FM Push FM House FM - Major movements Mystic vibes radio [ NY] Solar radio BBc 1 xtra