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What's Going On

Broadcite Productions

Released: 27th August 2012 | 6 track house ep

Brand new fresh sounds that take more notice of the quality production still coming from South Africa. Broadcite are happy to present the +268 project featuring some stunning vocals by Melusi Super.

The vocal interpretation of a frustrated lover just builds and builds to a peak leaving you totally in tune with the emotion invoked by Melusi Super.

This is brand new talent and is sure going to be a production team to look out for in the future on Broadcite music.

'Whats going on' EP is packed with solid mixes courtesy of the +268 guys and a big bonus remix by DJ Crookid that take things on a more dance floor vibe.

Again something for all here, from deep to soulful to tech fuelled house

Already seeing some big support from key radio stations such House FM / Rinse FM / BBC 1xtra & colourful radio + many more top class djs worldwide that managed to get a sneaky promo copy.

Pump this cut high and feel the soulful & deep vibe that oozes out of every mix and version offered in this package.

Check this out and support more tasty Broadcite music.

"Loving this section- Respect"
Phil Asher, Restless soul
"Really serious"
Eric Soul, Radio 1- Rwanda
"Such a great song its addictive"
Marcia Carr, Colourful radio
"MMMM my type of sounds here"
Petite DJ, Soul seductive
"Rolling .. Playing this on our shoe for sure."
Major movements, House FM
"Keep this top quality musing coming. Full support"
Matt LS, House FM
"You took it to the bridge and deep into the sea...nice stuff"
DJ Fiddla, Moving deep
"sumptuous and yummy sounds"
Sheyi, Nulu
"Heat.....really loving this"
Alpha and Omega, Nulu
"Full support on this one guys.."
DJ Able, Rinse FM