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Splash Gordon

Splash Gordon

Broadcite Productions

Released: 30th June 2017 | 4 track alternative rap/hip-hop single

This is the 1st single from the forth-coming album 'Splash Gordon'. A collaboration project from versatile producer Lee Gomez and US based veteran MC Stan Smith. They've arrived at a time when music, like most everything else, is in a state of confusion. While much of the new music you are inundated with tends to further confuse matters, these two internationally respected craftsmen have joined forces to provide a little clarity.

Lee Gomez (UK) and Stan Smith (USA) have connected to create a refreshingly natural and organic sound. Something experimental and futuristic, it feels familiar. You're Welcome is your connecting flight from yesterday to tomorrow while remaining remarkably present. Adult Audio best describes the dirty-clean, funk-bounce sounds cape for the rugged movers. Subjects range from love to gun-violence, braggadocio to self-reflection all the while displaying lyrical dexterity anchored by infectious hooks and crowd-pleasing beats. The essence of plain old good music-Hip Hop in particular. Beats and rhymes. Sit back relax and get acquainted with Splash Gordon, your new favourite dynamic duo.

This project is an exquisite collection of selections, featuring the vocal stylings of long-time collaborator, Dipolomew (Span Dolo), Doitall (LOTUG), Lifford Shillingford (UK) and TY (Tru Thoughts), is meant to bring, at the very least, forty-five minutes of order in the midst of sonic disarray. Splash Gordon hasn't come to save the day, yet through this offering, they are providing a better feeling to this one.

Splash says, You're Welcome to ALL. Enjoy this summer 2017