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T-Roy - Unquantized Experiment Archive


Unquantized Experiment Archive

Broadcite Productions

Released: 14th July 2017 | 15 track broken beat album

Before the new album drops this summer from the versatile and multi talented London based recording artist T-Roy.

We have put together some bits and pieces from his unquantized beats vault.

Previously released experiments and remix productions constructed in the Broadcite laboratory between 2004 -2016 and archived.

Everything old is new again this summer with the rise of the broken beat sound and vibe making a reappearance in the record boxes of many top radio and club djs aiming to lift up the vibe and energy again.

Nothing here for the 4/4 djs, strictly subterranean underground experiments selected for the eclectic and adventurous.

A Universal experimental soundscape experience.

"T-Roy's mix ALL THE WAY! Full support .. This will kill in Miami!"
Lars Behrenroth, Deeper Shades /LA
"Dope T-Roy remixes. Good package guys"
Moonstar, PTR / Canada
"Love all the tracks!! Quality!! T-Roy always kills it!!"
Lady T, FM Radio
"A mix for every style i play! T-Roy afrotech mixes will get the most play"
Ben Cook, House FM
"T-Roy does it every time, Magic Musical Stuff .Full support"
Aluku Rebels, UK /DJ
"All about the T-Roy mix for me."
King T
"Hope this package is on to vinyl. Keep on keepin' on Broadcite"
DJ Marcia Carr, Mi-Soul /TMP
"Really nice. Will make good usage on my show"
Chris Philips, FM Radio
"nice package. nice retro hijack mix"
Abicah Soul, DJ
"Nice vibes - Old skool keys, great vocals and bumping beats"
Tim Scott, Radio DJ