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Saint Evo


Broadcite Productions

Released: 1st December 2017 | 3 track deep house ep

Saint Evo the Myth is an Artist and a DJ/Producer hailing from the savannah plains of Kajiado, Kenya.

He is one of the pioneers of Afro House & Tribal House in Kenya and known as well as the progenitor and chief pioneer of the new sound in East Africa called ''Equatorial House''. Saint Evo describes Equatorial House

as a sound that captures the lived narratives of the indigenous communities along the equator as relayed in their traditional sound stories fused with the modern electronic sound of House music.

Having played in many Festivals and shows in Africa it is time to spread the wings in an ever global music industry and touch down with an amazing Afro tech release for the masses.

With some great previous releases from Saint Evo, this 'Mashariki EP' is simply deep and blissful sunshine energy music all in one package.

100% Kenyan talent firmly on the map and we are all certainly looking forward to seeing him DJ in London soon!

Enjoy *

Broadcite music

"More dreams Afro style this will def be played on my radio show!"
Femi Fem, Mi Soul Radio
"Absolutely Super EP :)"
Havana Soul, DJ s / Radio
"This drops nice in the club EVERY TIME!!"
Soul Provyder, Soho Radio/ DJs
"This is the real deal !!!!!"
Ketch A Vibe, Dj /UK
"Quality Afrobeats, will support for sure"
audio texture radio, FM Radio
"Love the bouncy backing track.."
Tim Scott
"ONNNNNNN itttt..."
Mystic Vibes Radio, USA
"looking forward to play this out this Saturday night in Vienna"
Les Gammas, Vienna / DJ
"hypnotic pulsing bassline will drive many crazy on the dancefloors"
Afro Groove
"Quality Afro fuelled beats, will support"
Audio texture, FM Radio