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Various Artists - Broadcite Unplugged: "Internal reflection"
CD Album
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Various Artists

Broadcite Unplugged: "Internal reflection"

Broadcite Productions

Released: 1st April 2006 | 13 track broken beat album
In a time where the traditional sound of vinyl spinning under a diamond stylus fades deeper into our minds as a distant memory. Broadcite presents 'Internal reflection' simply a musical adventure that takes you off the beaten track. Broadcite is a collective of individuals exploring a fusion of musical genre, incorporating Broken beat, Nu jazz, Electronica and Latin through to experimental Hip-hop. This debut compilation shows off the production talents of the Broadcite artists whilst also showcasing tracks from other like minded producers, to create an album on the innovative edge of modern electronic soul. From Method unique to the experimental fusion sounds of TRoy and the twisted future jazz of Altered Natives, it's impossible to ignore the breadth and depth of talent within the Broadcite camp. Organic and soulful yet electronic and cutting edge, these tracks encapsulate the ethos of music that underlies the Broadcite philosophy. Put more simply, its music for your head and your feet, a pumped-up groove with intelligent minds at the controls. Alongside tunes from the Broadcite crew, this compilation also contains Exclusive tracks from artists Studio Apartment (Japan), Stateless (Berlin), Black Science Orchestra (UK), Quentin Harris (Usa) + Osunlade remix and much more. Internal reflection' part 2 of the Broadcite unplugged collection. A selection exclusive quality underground music that have never been released on cd. We truly hope you enjoy every twist and turn on this journey as we take you up / down left and right drawing you closer to the outside edge. IDJ magazine: A heavily soul drenched fusion and broken beat project. Trust the DJ: Loving the Broadcite fusion compilations. New Noise magazine: Enough freshnesh to keep your mind and feet happy!! This summers must have compilation!