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Cherrystones & Eddie & Sunshine - Cherrystones Presents Blacker Forest EP
12" Vinyl
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Cherrystones & Eddie & Sunshine

Cherrystones Presents Blacker Forest EP

Brutal Music

Released: 13th June 2011 | 3 track alt dance ep
Cherrystones says ..

Blacker Forest was inspired by the concept of less is more, leaving room to breathe and evolve. Many inspire me musically throughout every genre whether Krautrock, Noise, Hip Hop, Industrial and OST and I guess this is a subconscious hybrid of all these with my own stamp and identity. Essentially it's hard to describe or pinpoint any specifics as during the tracks evolution I was too busy and involved to realise it's origin or destination...Feel is the word. Lines is an edit of a track by Eddie & Sunshine dating from 1981. It was a track I took a gamble on buying solely on seeing it's sleeve and date of creation. On listening I heard a myriad of styles and felt it had something different but was also very catchy with a crossover appeal to fans of disco as well as new/no wave. After doing a few minor tweaks and specifics without taking from the original I was left with this edit. I sympathetically retained the true nature of the song and highlighted the portions I considered understated as respectfully as I heard. Frogmen is perfect for the Italo set as much as cosmic couriers. A cheeky little synth led monster that had a bridge that sadly did not let people across in the DJ sense. Now with the said bridge removed all traffic flows free without bumps and false starts.

Cherrystones currently records as Godsy for New York cult record label Whatever We Want Records. His debut album for the label has recently been released resulting in the project being licensed by the great Optimo for inclusion in their compilation Walkabout (along with Suicide, Throbbing Gristle and Boris). Previously he has recorded for Jazzman as Stark Reality & the Manchester based label Twisted Nerve, as well as remixing Quannum, D.O.T, OH Krill, The Sessions and Client, Trencher & Pram (Domino).

He has recently produced two typically esoteric and genre-bending mix cds which are exclusive to the renowned Sounds Of The Universe shop, the first of which Swamp Bait was created as a collaboration with Joel Martin (Quiet Village). In the past he's compiled several CDs including Cherrystones - Rocks (Lo), Cherrystones Hidden Charms (13 Amp), Cherrystones Word (Poptones and Holy Mountain).

Cherrystones is a widely acclaimed DJ having played in Japan alongside DJ's such as Thomas (Map Of Africa/Rub N Tug) in Los Angeles with Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, DJ Nobody & Prefuse 73 whilst has shaken non- stop club action in New York, San Francisco, Barcelona and Switzerland. He is the main choice for after-shows and opening DJ slots for bands and festivals like ATP, The Green Man, Sunn O))), Wolf Eyes, Dead Meadow, Faust, Circle, Sunburned Hand Of The Man and the Horrors amongst many other cult and underground cult bands.

An old-hand of vinyl emporiums from both sides of the counter. Cherrystones served the world respected Jazzman Records for 7 years along with 2 years at Mr Bongo (London's finest Hip/Hop Rap/Latin store) and 4 years with Intoxica Records (Londons finest second hand rarity shop). On top of all this he's also a capable writer with contributions to articles and sleeve notes including the Old Rare New Book (Black Dog Press), Labi Siffre - Remember My Song (Mr Bongo), Boobs - Glam comp (Rev-ola), Prey - OST (Moscovitch), Kung Fu Super Sounds (De -Wolfe), Space Oddities 2 (Permanent Vacation) and Vampires Of Dartmoore (Finders Keepers).