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Dom Thomas - Exploding Disco Inevitable
2 x Vinyl LP
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Dom Thomas

Exploding Disco Inevitable

Brutal Music

Released: 7th June 2010 | 13 track worldbeat album
Following on from the highly acclaimed Miscellaneous Mutant Mishaps, B-Music and Finders Keepers' linchpin Dom Thomas digs deep into his library of forgotten and unloved sound oddities. Blurring the lines of mixtape and original composition, this is an explosive mix of Denizen Funk, Psyche Rock and Proto House, effortlesly crossing boundaries and uncharted sonic soundscapes, defying genre classification. DOM THOMAS BIOGRAPHY Through his cross-continental club night 'B-Music', Dom Thomas has travelled the world twice over supplying Psych-starved mods, b-boys and misfits throughout the world with his unique brand of unidentifiable cosmic slop. An ardent, assiduous B-Music crusader - whose love of obscure, obsolete, deleted and delectable experimental vintage Pop music and graphic design has sparked a vibrant record-stall, dancefloor and sub-cultural uprising, this Manchester beat-freak spearheads an infectious, impetuous campaign that champions long-forgotten way-out sounds. His unquenchable pursuit of digging for re-found sounds begun in 1999 when he and partner in crime Andy Votel launched Wandys World a head nod to the Warhol template of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable and the party scene in Midnight Cowboy. Creating a momentary psychedelic haven for bored indie kids, house heads and hip hoppers who were looking for something new to submerge their eyes and ears in. This gradually developed into the genre defining 'B-Music' moving from bar to club, country to country, pulling in A-/B+ pop-celebrity fanatics of outsider music and ultra-rare bakelite discs. During the last decade of eye-watering DJ sets and eye-popping visuals B-Music has developed into a global scene with events in every corner of the world. In 2005 with co-collaborators Andy Votel and Doug Shipton he formed the much lauded re-issue label Finders Keepers. Their flagship release saw Jean-Caude Vannier's holygrail 'L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches' album unleashed on an unsuspecting public. Setting the benchmark for the future releases, it embodied Finders Keepers' ongoing ethos of paying absolute attention to detail and musical workmanship. Creating an 'accidental world music label' with a punk aesthetic and DJ friendly ethos, allowing the desperate listener to sit back and enjoy schizoid cultural channel-hopping compilations and rocking-horse-shit re-releases in the comfort their psych-starved living rooms. B-Music and Finders Keepers continues to work hand in hand, amazing and confusing people in equal measure.. now there's Brutal Music - an unknown quantity which could mutate one way or another.. Viva La Musica!