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Cherrystones - Red Nails
CD Album
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Red Nails

Brutal Music

Released: 10th December 2012 | 12 track industrial dance album

'Red Nails' is a new album from Cherrystones, it follows the My Snow Does Not Melt' LP released under his Godsy moniker for the Whatever We Want label, but is significantly different in feel & direction.It's a particularly personal sonic journey. A visceral, raw & unquestionably honest statement of emotions that demands attention. On 'Red Nails' he unleashes malevolent dub & darkened moog-works whilst post-punk machinations come up against deep industrial fracas all set within a mutated hip hop framework.This is my mood music my feelings, my emotions, exorcisms, joys and pain, laughs and terror. In some form the album is a fuck you to convention or the notion of playing safe with things, music or any form of expression
Cherrystones aka Gareth Goddard has been much lauded over the years, he has dj'd for Super Furry Animals, Sun 0))), The Horrors, The Libertines & Dangermouse. He has been chosen to host the final freak-outs for festivals such as Green Man & All Tomorrows Parties. He is a music lover first and foremost who happens to be a vinyl-digger par excellence. His knowledge and discoveries have been an inspiration to many esteemed producers from Gaslamp Killer to Psychemagik.Reflecting his punk rock roots, but coming out at a hip-hop angle with an astounding knowledge of music and a native intuition of how to tear shit up, Cherrystones is the sound of psychedelia-soundtracks-folk-rock-prog-noise-moog-library-records. But he's is no retro-merchant. What he does, and does astoundingly well, is to look to the past to build the future. Cherrystones music is imbued with cinematic Technicolor, you can almost visualise the movies in his head.Its part of the rebel music culture and community, the same things that led me to punk and all the music I love.. simple loves and fears, rejection, isolation, unity through groups and gangs and a heap of teenage adrenalin all mixed with adolescence, that's enough to fuel any teenage head looking for thrills.