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Flunk - The Songs We Sing - Best Of 2002-2012
CD Album


The Songs We Sing - Best Of 2002-2012


Released: 4th May 2018 | 16 track downtempo album

Flunk has gained quite a buzz lately, with their cover version of Only You featured on the winter finale of Designated Survivor season 2, tour in Poland and shows in UK, France and Turkey, and their latest album now getting a large scale release on AntiFragile.

The Songs We Sing was a sum up of the first ten years of their career, released in 2012, but with a limited release outside Norway.

The first international attention for Flunk was on the legendary John Peel Show on BBC Radio One, who played Flunk's downbeat cover version of Blue Monday as early as autumn 2001. Folktronica was a label US press invented to describe Flunk's music, and their two first albums were very well received by the American audience. The following two albums went down a more moody and experimental path, but still including their bitter-sweet pop-elements. Tracks from Flunk have been used in TV-series like The O.C. CSI and Designated Survivor, and in Hollywood-movies like Nancy Drew, and commercials for a.o. Volkswagen.

On The Songs We Sing, highlights from all of the albums are collected, including big hits like Blue Monday and Play, download/stream-favorites like On My Balcony and Common Sense, and live-favorites like Sit Down.