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Legs 11 - Another Wave
Vinyl LP

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Legs 11

Another Wave


Expected: 9th March 2018 | 6 track electropop album

Legs 11 was formed when members of various underground bands in Oslo, Norway, met during a karaoke-fuelled haze in the seedy parts of Oslo, and discovered a shared love of synth pop, post-punk, new wave and house music. Drawing on these influences, the band has created a diverse musical universe, ranging from dark repetitive guitar driven tracks, via infectious pop gems, to deep yet melodic dancefloor-orientated grooves.

The 'Another Wave' album is hand-picked tracks from their latest works, focusing on a more dancier approach. The house and nu-dance influences of today are mixed with heavy influences from 90's UK indie-dance acts like The Shamen and the Madchester scene, and hints of new wave from the 80's.

"Brilliant! Big fan."
Nick Warren, The Soundgarden
"Exceptional! Finally something from the future."
Frivolous, Cadenza
"Yes! Great concept."
Severino, HorseMeatDisco
"Wow, great!"
Belabouche, Midnight Riot
"Strong waving stuff."
Andreas Kinzl, Aromabar
"This is awesome!"
Chris Udoh, Tigerhook
"Great record, lovely sound and good vocals. Well done!"
Simon Fknhndsm, Funkþátturinn + Partyzone Radio Shows