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Kronos Device - QUBE EP 2
12" Vinyl
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Kronos Device



Released: 9th May 2005 | 4 track ep
Battle Trax is back with another devastating slab of vinyl from the mighty KRONOS DEVICE aka Bass Junkie & The Dexorcist. This time the title track from the CD album 'QUBE' gets the vinyl treatment in both vocal & instrumental form. Hard as hell beats tear through this track which are pinned down by an evil distorted vocal from deepest space. Prepare yourself for an Electrobotic Rampage!!! Flip for a brand new track 'Hostile Lifeform' which blends both old & new school flavours to bring you one of the best Kronos productions to date and definitely not for the faint hearted. The EP is finally brought to a close by 'Rogue Program', a minimal piece of electronic bass so powerful that it will pound your sound system into submission. YOUR PLANET IS DEFENCELESS!!!'