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The Wookies - Sparks

The Wookies



Released: 7th September 2009 | 4 track art & progressive rock ep
Named after their favourite species from Star Wars, The Wookies have always had a penchant for the epic, the earth-shattering and the downright hairy. Taking influences from a range of sources, such as Pink Floyd, The Stills, Small Faces and Muse, it is no surprise that the Reading-based band has developed quite a reputation for cutting and splicing sounds and genres to create an altogether unique and unheard-of epic, angular, dance-prog-indie sound. Finally following on from their teaser appearance on Broken Tail's acclaimed Four By Four EP back in 2007, the beard-endorsing five piece unleash a folk-tinged soundtrack for some theoretical woodland party, with a nod to Mystery Jets and a hamper full of bonkers. Thus, the limited edition Sparks EP is a triumph of fantastical nonsense over po-faced indie misery, and it's coming to a forest near you. The Wookies sure know how to please.. 10/10 - Maps lush.. hard-hitting atmospheric songs - infectious fun in a neat parcel - Room Thirteen