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Joe Driscoll - Origin Myths
CD Album
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Joe Driscoll

Origin Myths

Buttercuts Records

Released: 27th November 2006 | 8 track alternative rap/hip-hop album
Origin Myths is a unique blend of hip hop, folk, reggae and rock straight from the New York´s favourite beatboxing, guitar playing one man band Joe Driscoll. His eclectic compositions are a tapestry of American roots music. An indescribably original canvas of rock and soul, with dynamic tones of hip-hop, funk and reggae seeping through. If you were going to send a diplomat to an intergalactic music conference, you would send Joe Driscoll to show them what's up here on planet earth Imaginative, innovative, and original are the words most frequently used to describe Driscoll's work. Using a delay pedal as a sampler, Joe builds multi-layered loops in the live setting, creating the soundscape of a live band with only his voice and guitar. All the rhythms and melodies are created live, each and every night. The DVD features footage of Joes live performance and a documentary featuring Saul Williams, Yungun, Verb T and Roots Manuva.
"a delicious debut that will guarantee his mythic status in years to come ****1/2"
"A beatboxer extraodinaire, larynx and peddling a unique conflation of folk hip-hop and reggae"
"Joe Driscoll's debut album beguilles us with its languid hip-hop funk"
"Joe Driscoll will make you want to dance, attempt to beatbox, buy yourself a loop sampler and lay your soul on the table Get it."
"…This guy is talented…funky soundscapes with loops, beatbox riddims, shimmering guitars and pleanty more ****"
"His sound is accomplished, to say the least, poignant lyrics, decent hooks, memorable tune and a definite future"
Play Louder
"…a sonic wonderkid who creates his own 12st Century 'folk' live onstafe, sample by sample, beat by beat. One to watch"
Time Out
"Ever seen a live hip hop one man band? Well, neither had I…this is something you must all definitely see"
Wah Magazine
"Lying heavy on the mouth drums he weaves sublime-esque singing with a speedy flow to keep things porgressing 5/7"
"The beatboxing is indistinguishable form a real kit, his verbal delivery reminds me of Wyclef and his slick guitar work sounds like classic Dooble Brothers 6.5/7"
One Week To Live
"Rather enchanting, upbeat soul music…A really good little record"
"All very impressive"
Leeds Guide
"This is an artist set for big things. Origin Myths is one of those cross-genre albums which could become one of this years classics"
My Village
"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Rhythm, poetry, rhyme with no rehearsal ****"
Crud Magazine
"Solo project form fresher-than-fresh pioneer of live looping and boundry smashing…you NEED to hear him"