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Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench

12 Steps

Buttercuts Records

Released: 25th May 2018 | 2 track alternative rap/hip-hop single

Lyrics written by Rebel ACA & French Monkey

Music by French Monkey & Rebel ACA

The 12 steps…of your life - you grow up, you join a tribe (which you follow blindly), you try to get a career, you try to get a women, you complain and are disappointed about all of these things - none of them living up your expectation…because the grass is always greener over there… so you get frustrated and upset and get high and run away with drugs and booze.

And in this process- you disrespect and damaged where you live, yourself, your body, your life…. Lost, Angry and Addicted with a bad liver and a bad heart and a victim to your own existence.

Morale of the story :- sometimes maybe the grass is greener - and sometimes you should try to something about it. But all of the time - make the very best of what you have, and where you are.

"​​ ​​“As if The Kinks decided to do hip hop…a delicious example of what should probably be called Neo-Anglo-French avant-garde hip hop.. totally mesmerizing “"
The Huffington Post
"​​“… their passion for music expands, pushing each other to create the best, finding the place where their individual talents meet and meld and shine…. quick but not-heavy handed, dark but not stuffy. French Monkey Wrench’s beats drive the track while Rebel ACA’s quick-step vocals smooth it out…an exemplary attention to detail and an awareness of what makes a good hook”"
"Deprogrammed and eager to examine life beyond a conditioned mind, Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench are a refreshing musical team that isn’t afraid to live, breathe and bleed. As catchers of wisdom and sculptures of spirit, the guys’ smooth flow and originality naturally unfolds and beckons attention…. ​​…. an exciting pair to watch in 2018 as they continue to sprout a kaleidoscopic and bold world that is entirely their own. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians and idiosyncratic minds such as Beck, Tame Impala, Gorillaz and Cake, then check them out”"