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Spragga Benz - Spread Out (feat. Hype and Fever)

Spragga Benz

Spread Out (feat. Hype and Fever)

Buttercuts Records

Released: 1st June 2018 | 3 track dancehall single

Artist Name:SPRAGGA BENZLocation:LondonRelease Name:Spread OutImpact date20th July 2018Label:Buttercuts Records Limited Producer:Hype and FeverMusicians:Spragga Benz (Vocals)Fever (Vocals)
The canniest lyricist and most charismatic smile in dancehall and shotta culture Spragga Benz's returns with a summer sizzler from his forthcoming studio album Chiliagon. The début single 'Spread Out' is part of a collection of work which sees Spragga beginning with a whisper from Spragga informing us that when di gyal dem hear di voice dem ah jump an Spread Out... before dropping one of the most liquid flows you have heard in a very long time. Big Pun eat your heart out…and needless to say, everywhere we have dropped it, people have gone nuts. Chiliagon means a 1000 sided object - and also has interesting philosophical connotations - as it actually appears to be a circle on anything but very close inspection.
In time for the 70 years of Windrush, Spragga, impressed with the sound coming out of London and the UK - set sail for London to collaborate with some of the great, and indeed, the best that the UK has to offer.
Because of his deep respect among MC's for his flow and his lyrics, a who's who of British artists lined up to work with Spragga, and in a total of only 12 days, the first 24 tracks were recorded. Involvement came from artists such as Rodney P (acting as executive producer), Harry Shotta, Tanika, Illaman, Killa P, Doc Brown, General Levy, Akala and Black Josh along with productions from Toddla T, LG, Zed Bias, Sukh Knight, Cadenza as well as of course Hype and Fever. The inauguration single 'Spread Out' is produced by London based Cold Fever; the track also features his vocals and cameo vocals from brother Hype Hyphen - this is the perfect blend of Dancehall/Dandiya vibes (the two brothers are half Indian, half Jamaican with a sound to match) and as expected the collaboration brings out an irresistible chemistry and already sets the scene in a dance when dem roll dem belly an move it like a snake.
Hype and Fever will be joining Spragga Benz for Frenzi at Sabina Park in Kingston Jamaica on the 26th May - ahead of performances at Livication Festival in Miami, Boomtown Fair in Winchester and London's Notting Hill Carnival looks like we're going to see a lot of Spragga Benz and Friendz. CHILIAGON.LONDONBUTTERCUTS.CO.UKButtercuts Records 2018In a world of bullshit…Music is all that matters.