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Big Terror - Big Terror

Big Terror

Big Terror

Buttercuts Records

Released: 18th March 2016 | 14 track aor album

Divorce is a wonderful thing, and a great patron saint of the arts. Along with death and heroin it is the single greatest contributor to the arts.

That's a fact. Check Wikipedia.

So...; anyway...; here is the story of an Englishman, an Irishman and a Frenchmen ...; A songwriter, A rapper and a record producer, or put another way an accountant, an accountant and a record producer...; who needs an accountant

They all went into love wide eyed and full of joy and left broken and snarling at the moon.

This album is the ying to that yang that they wrote, so they could cope.

Or rather this album is the album that made a rapper sing, a record producer play bass, and an accountant leave his numbers and write words.

Big Terror are:-

Rebel ACA - vocals

David Rogers - Guitar & Vocals

Pierre Duplan - Bass Guitar & production & other random instruments

All songs written by BIG TERROR

"Sure thing"
"that sh*t is sick boi !!"
DJ lil rossco
"Enjoyed a lot"
Paul Williams, Bugsy Malone, etc