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1/2H 1/2W - Black Pelvic Fluids
Out 26th October 2018

1/2H 1/2W

Black Pelvic Fluids


Expected: 26th October 2018 | 9 track industrial album

A twisted reimagining of the liberating power of improvised music, Black Pelvic Fluids is the first recorded documentation of Latvian noise and roll collective 1/2H 1/2W.

Until now the five-piece has existed purely as a live entity, one which improvises with an ever shifting array of instruments to deliver their ferociously unique groove. Through ecstatic noise, crushing industrial and twisted techno, the only constant to 1/2H 1/2W has been their unfaltering commitment to the most extreme ends of music, and the wry, almost absurdist humour that underpins all that they do.

The group themselves offer little insight into their creative process or inspiration, a bold statement when 'experimental' musicians seem increasingly obsessed with bolting on narratives to their output. The harrowed screams and pulverising beats that appear throughout the album mean the spectre of black metal regularly looms around the music. In between are blasts of free jazz style brass, fractured electronics and almost romantic moments of piano led contemplation, bringing home 1/2H 1/2W's frantic determination to be everything other than predictable.

Black Pelvic Fluids is released with the support of Skanu Mezs, the Riga based festival and platform for adventurous music.