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Torn Sail - Treasure (Part 1)

Torn Sail

Treasure (Part 1)

claremont 56

Released: 26th November 2012 | 2 track downtempo single

This is a superb little track for those of you with an ear for a laid back lament. Torn Sail follow up 'Birds' with this achingly subtle song, a splendid vocal from Huw Costin, sat cleverly on top of an easy bass and a gentle guitar lines. It paints a touching picture vocally, it's the kind of song that sticks with you as you walk home from a thought provoking indie flick. The B-side instrumental, floats along beautifully with tiny percussive rolls sounding like a quickly approaching tide, with gossamer light guitar lines tricking you into sitting on the shore a few minutes too long. The full version will be on the LP due out later in the year. Beautiful.